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For The Love of Cats By Melissa Mezzalira

For The Love of Cats By Melissa Mezzalira

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**A percentage of the proceeds goes to Humane Society Naples to support the animal rescue campaign in the wake of Hurricane Ian**

Melissa Mezzalira’s conversational book, For the Love of Cats: A Modern Cat Lady’s Journey into Cat Parenthood and Entrepreneurship, documents her journey from growing up in Northern Italy, in a family of artisanal shoemakers, to her current day creative role as the maker of Italian-inspired luxury cat furniture.

With an appealing warmth and style, Melissa shares answers on why we, cat parents, are so enamored with our felines that we consider them part of our family, along with a fresh perspective on how to care for and respect our furry babies as independent sentient beings.

Melissa also replaces the old, hurtful idea of the crazy cat lady with the image of the modern cat lady who is unapologetically cat-loving, compassionate, independent, intellectually curious, and stylish.

Melissa Mezzalira is the founder of CatsEssentials, which offers an innovative line of Italian-inspired modern cat furniture with a focus on all-natural materials and aesthetic excellence. She has been a cat lover and parent for most of her life, leading her to become both a 'catpreneur' and a widely vocal cat advocate.

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