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Latex Mattress

Organic Latex Mattress (Mattress Protector Included)

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Your kitty will love this Natural Latex Mattress because of its inherent comfort!

The sheer softness and medium strength of this Natural Latex Foam provides exceptional support and comfort especially for senior cats, that need extra cushion to protect their aching joints.

This medium firm foam will cushion the arthritis pressure points and distribute your cat’s weight evenly, allowing your kitty to relax and sleep better.

On top of that, the low profile of the mattress enables even the less agile cats to quickly get in and out of their beds, without bouncing off or sinking into it.

To prevent unexpected accidents that could damage the organic latex, the mattress comes with an Organic Waterproof Laminated Jersey Fabric Mattress Protector that is zipper-removable and machine washable.

Our Natural Latex Foam is fully organic and GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified, has an OEKO-Tex standard certification, and is free of any synthetic latex or fillers. We use the same quality as human-grade mattresses.

The open cell structure of the natural foam enables excellent airflow. It will never retain any excess body heat, ensuring that your kitty always feels cool and refreshed when sleeping on this cat bed. Additionally, it's entirely recyclable, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable.

Available in round 21" diameter or rectangular shape L25"xW19".

Delivery: Usually Ships within 5 business days.

Pair it with our machine washable Organic Mattress Covers to match your existing home décor.

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