For Spoiled Cats Only, Introducing CatsEssentials’ New Tagline

By Melissa Mezzalira Founder & CEO of CatsEssentials

For Spoiled Cats Only

I am a proud, self-professed Cat Lady. 

In terms of cultural archetypes, Cat Ladies have historically been characterized as mature women with bizarre fashion choices, antisocial behavior, and the dreaded label of being…..wait for it…… “crazy.” In my quest to reframe the image of the modern Cat Lady who prioritizes self-care, beauty regimens, healthy eating habits, and a fulfilling lifestyle, I was inspired to create a tagline for my CatsEssentials products that not only reflects how we treat ourselves as Cat Moms– and Dads– but also identifies a line of merchandise specifically designed to perfectly pamper our beloved feline children. After careful consideration, I decided on tagging my products “For Spoiled Cats Only,” which lets the world know that going above and beyond to treat your cat to the best of everything life has to offer is quite alright!

Wondering about how I came up with the tagline? Well, the phrase encourages cat parents to stand tall and proud in their desires to spoil their furry babies beyond any limits deemed appropriate by society or cultural norms. Incorporate whatever brings you the most joy with your feline, whether you decide to splurge on monogrammed toys and clothing items, or invest in organic furniture and bedding items. I cannot help but smile whenever my customers delight me with stories of lavishing their cat babies with a lifestyle deemed enviable by most humans. In this case, the tagline for CatsEssentials reminds us to remain playful in our approach to parenting, whimsical in our professions of love, and selfless in our roles as providers when we offer the world to our children, and so much more. 

I want to spread the word about our new tagline and would like to dedicate #ForSpoiledCatsOnly to the unafraid, unabashedly giving cat parents out there in the universe who are open to spoiling their babies with CatsEssentials products. 

I encourage cat parents who have made the conscious decision to pamper their feline companions on a daily basis to invest in the CatsEssentials community, which caters to consumers with both modest and generous budgets. Over the years, our customers have expressed their admiration for our irresistible miniature furniture items and asked if we can replicate the cat furniture items to accommodate humans. Some of our fondest requests include customers sharing their wishes to curl up on one of our beds to take a nap, or creating an organic couch strictly for humans to enjoy. These heart-felt sentiments just confirm how much cat parents love our pieces, but for the foreseeable future, our efforts and merchandise are reserved “for spoiled cats only.”

My team and I are ecstatic about our new tagline and want to hear your feedback on our selection! Email your thoughts and comments to and I will be happy to answer your message.


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