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We are elevating cat care

At CatsEssentials, we're driven by a deep belief: our feline friends are cherished family members, deserving the very best care while honoring our planet. We understand the desires of fellow cat parents who seek superior quality and style for their furry companions.

Our commitment to sustainability and excellence inspires us to push the boundaries. From meticulous research to precise execution, every piece of eco-friendly cat beds and organic bedding we create is handcrafted with care by skilled artisans right here in the USA.

Our goals are to revolutionize the standards of cat furniture and bedding production and empower cat parents to make informed choices for their beloved pets and homes. 

Our Mission

We are on a mission to save our planet

We care for Mother Earth as much as we care for our cats because we believe that every living being is interconnected. We continue to make good choices for the planet and kitties, sourcing only sustainable and non-toxic materials for all our products.

Our Inspiration

We are driven by quality and style

We have an uncompromised commitment to product excellence. We don’t sacrifice quality to lower costs. We firmly stand behind each of our products and take pride in how they’re crafted. We get our satisfaction from knowing that we can provide cat furniture and bedding that’s safe, high-quality, and environmentally friendly. 

Our keen sense of beauty and style also goes uncompromised. Our products meet first-rate standards and showcase thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing designs. They seamlessly incorporate contemporary elements, giving you pieces that work well with any style or décor. 

Letter from our founder

Meet Melissa Mezzalira 

Our felines hold a special place in our hearts and homes, bringing us joy, comfort, love, and endless companionship.

Driven by this deep bond and a commitment to our planet, I have meticulously crafted a collection of cat beds and essentials using natural and organic materials to ensure comfort for our cats while respecting the environment.

Disheartened by low-quality and toxic-filled cat products, my inner Italian and passion for design led me to create pieces that enhance the elegance of our homes and enrich the lives of our beloved feline friends.

I care for our planet as much as for our cats because I believe every living being is interconnected. By bringing natural and organic materials and fabrics into our cats’ lives we reconnect them with nature and ensure a healthy and safe life. 

I hope you and your beloved feline friends find comfort, safety, and love in these pieces.

Melissa Mezzalira, CatsEssentials Founder


Why We Do What We Do


Because Our Cats Deserve to be Spoiled

Amidst the sea of average, we bring you furniture handcrafted with finesse which not only adds a touch of elegance to your decor but provides your feline friends the luxury they deserve.



Because Our Furry Babies Need a Cozy Haven

Designed with your cat’s comfort as a top priority, our collection encourages healthy sleep postures and patterns, optimum fluffiness, and warmth, to ensure overall well-being.



Because Synthetic Fillers are Harmful to Cats

In a world filled with synthetic materials, we prioritize the safety and well-being of your cat by crafting eco-friendly, toxin-free beds for her extensive sleep hours.