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Our Quality

To give your cats nothing but the best, we only use natural and non-toxic materials and fabrics that are responsibly sourced. Each product is carefully scrutinized to ensure that it’s free of harsh chemicals. We carefully inspect and select our suppliers, certifying that they meet our high-quality standards and that they adhere to environment-friendly practices. We only work with ethical third-party suppliers who are as committed to preserving the environment and being as socially conscious as we are.

Every item is handmade to perfection in the USA by our skilled artisans, and each mattress or pillow cover is zipper-removable and machine washable!

Our Fabrics

At the core of our bedding collection is a dedication to your kitty’s well-being, which is why we solely utilize sustainable Organic Cotton in all our fabrics.

Organic cotton’s cultivation without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers ensures it's free from harmful chemicals, promoting your cat's health and safety. Moreover, organic cotton cultivation supports water conservation efforts and upholds fair labor standards, contributing to a healthier planet and communities.

Organic Barrier Cloth

Barrier cloth offers a lot of health benefits, so it’s a really good choice for kitties! It is designed to block dust mites, animal dander, and household dust, which will allow modern cats to maintain healthy sleeping habits.

Our Barrier Cloth has a super-dense weave. It’s designed to provide the best comfort and natural protection. It’s a great material for contemporary cat furniture.

GOTS Certified. Made in Pakistan.

Organic Cotton Sateen

Your cat can't live without its comforts, so it'll love sleeping on these high thread-count cotton sateen sheets.

They feature 300TC, proving to be the ultimate luxurious bedding fabric for your kitty. The sateen is densely packed with pure-combed, ring-spun cotton yarn, so your feline friend will experience a super-smooth, silk-like drape along with a nice, heavy feel when enveloped in it.

GOTS Certified. Made in India.

Organic Cotton Twill

You can furnish your contemporary cat furniture in this heavyweight weave patterned fabric. Your beloved feline will appreciate its cozy texture when lying on it.

The diagonal lines on this fabric give it a very stylistic edge. It’s sturdily crafted, so it won’t get damaged even when your kitty plays hard with it. The yarns are closely packed together and it’s perfect for cats who love kneading.

GOTS Certified. Made in India.

Organic Cotton Fleece

If your kitty loves cuddles, then it will never get over this ultra-soft fleece.

Plush and made out of GOTS certified organic cotton, your cat would love the fuzzy, breathable, and eco-friendly countenance of this fabric.

GOTS Certified. Made in India.

Organic Cotton Denim

This old-world denim is as sturdy as they come, and your cat won’t be able to damage it no matter how fiercely playful it gets with its kneading paws.

While jeans are made with light, indigo-hued denim, our cat-friendly one is made out of 12 oz. material that's as tough as nails! It's free of any sulfer or synthetic dyes – it's simply organic with a  gentle wash.

Organic Cotton Sherpa

Your cuddle-loving kitty will feel safe at home in this cotton sherpa fabric!

It’s super fuzzy and all-natural – zero toxins for your cat friend’s health. It also has a napped face and a smooth back. Promising consistent eco-friendliness, this fabric is 100% sustainable.

Made in the USA.

Organic Waterproof Laminated Cotton Jersey Fabric

This soft, stretchy fabric will make your playful kitty meow with glee.

It has a 4-way stretch for enhanced flexibility and mobility. Its great breathability and high quality will ensure the best comfort for your cat friend.

This GOTS waterproof fabric is made from two thin sheets of soft, jersey knit fabric that are laminated together with a GOTS certified glue, the only GOTS certified product of its kind. The fabric is soft and very flexible and it does not crunch. Perfect for blocking moisture from penetrating to your cat mattress, this fabric will also keep dust mites, pet dander, pollen, mold spores and other allergens from getting into your kitty bed.
GOTS Certified. Made in Pakistan.

Organic Muslin

Muslin is a plain-woven cotton fabric made in various weights. Our Muslin is made with 100% organic cotton and has a fine, smooth texture. It is a very healthy and versatile fabric. We use this soft but resistant fabric for many applications, from inner pillow covers to furniture and cat bed base cloth.

GOTS Certified. Made in Pakistan

Organic Flannel

Our medium-weight flannel is made with extra dense organic cotton.

Flannel fabric has a napped finish that gives it its slightly fuzzy texture. Its signature soft and cozy feel makes it the perfect fabric to keep your kitty’s naps warm and comfortable all year round! Additionally, flannel is a low-maintenance fabric that is extremely easy to clean and care for.

GOTS Certified. Made in Pakistan

Our Fillers

Organic Latex Foam

Natural Latex Foam

Let your kitty sink into the depths of comfort with our Natural Latex Foam.

It’s fully organic and GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified, has an OEKO-Tex standard certification, and is free of any synthetic latex or fillers!

Our Natural Latex Foam is manufactured from natural latex that is harvested from organically grown rubber trees in Sri Lanka. Zero toxins or synthetic fillers ensure that your kitty won’t be harmed in any way when lounging on it!

This foam offers a trifecta of comfort, durability, and breathability! It offers exceptional support and comfort, allowing your cat friend to relax and sleep better. The open cell structure of the foam enables excellent airflow! Additionally, it's entirely recyclable, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable.

GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified, OEKO-TEX standard. 
Made in Sri Lanka.

Organic Shredded Latex

Shredded Organic Latex

Let your kitty laze around in ecstasy on our shredded organic latex!

It’s all-natural latex that’s shredded into small pieces to allow maximum comfort to modern cats! It's a hypoallergenic material that is dust-mite, mould, and mildew resistant – all of which will ensure a safe and healthy environment for your kitty.

It’s super cushy, comfy, and reduces pressure. The bouncy rubber is also very resilient and will make your kitty feel ensconced in the embrace of safety as it rests on it.

GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified, OEKO-TEX standard. 
Made in Sri Lanka.

Certified Organic Cotton Stuffing

The certified organic stuffing in our contemporary cat furniture is the epitome of comfort.

It's eco-friendly, grown and milled in the USA, and chlorine-free/unbleached. Your cat friend will be safe, knead-happy, and content while lounging on this all-natural, hypoallergenic filler.

GOTS certified. Made in the USA.

Buckwheat Shells

Your kitty will love snuggling on this sustainable and naturally grown filling.

Derived from US-based farms, buckwheat filling provides a bean-bag like texture to our contemporary cat furniture. It allows your kitty to cuddle deep into the furniture’s embrace while conforming to its head and neck most comfortably.

It promotes breathability and great airflow. This material is also very resistant to pests. Moreover, we source our buckwheat hulls to ensure that our furry friends never come to contact with pesticides in their pillows.

Lastly, this filling is very attractive to kitties because of its gentle rustling sound.

Sustainably Grown in the USA.

Natural Kapok

This natural and fun filling for cat furniture is derived from Kapok fibers, sustainably harvested from seed pods that are dropped from the Ceiba tree native of Central America. Your kitty will love snuggling in them as they have a silky, fluffy consistency.

It’s basically like down, but its vegan alternative. It’s also a hypoallergenic material and ethically sourced!

Our Wood


We only use domestically-sourced hardwood plywood that’s formaldehyde-free, environmentally-safe, uses soy-based technology, and made in North America. This type of plywood is made from an innovative technology that uses soy-based adhesive instead of the conventional formaldehyde.

It’s manufactured following responsible forestry practices and environmental stewardship.