Cat Bed Covers

Our cat bed covers are designed to protect the underlying cushion or padding, ensuring longevity and preserving the bed’s integrity. Made from premium organic materials, they act as a barrier against stains, dirt, fur, and odors, keeping the cat bed fresh and hygienic. Aesthetically designed, removable, washable covers ensure easy maintenance.

 1 Year Warranty*

30 Day Return*

Premium & Durable

Handmade in USA

For Cats…By a Devoted Cat Lady!

Our felines hold a special place in our hearts and homes, bringing us joy, comfort, love, and endless companionship.

Driven by this deep bond and a commitment to our planet, I have meticulously crafted a collection of cat furniture and essentials using natural and organic materials to ensure comfort for our cats while respecting the environment.

Disheartened by low-quality cat products, my inner Italian and passion for design led me to create pieces that enhance the elegance of our homes and enrich the lives of our beloved feline friends.

Melissa Mezzalira, CatsEssentials Founder

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