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Organic Kicker Cat Toy

Organic Kicker Cat Toy

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Entertain your cats for hours with our all-organic kicker cat toy.

To ensure that it’s long-lasting, we’ve made our kicker cat toy with durable organic twill. It has an organic muslin inner pouch that holds catnip-infused buckwheat shells. These shells are irresistible to our feline friends because of the rustling sound that they make. Moreover, they double as a solid core that’s resistant to kicking.

We’ve included an extra drawstring cotton muslin bag with catnip and silvervine, so you can replace it anytime, refreshing the scent and keeping your kitties engaged time and time again. The tingling drawstring gives this toy a more playful option.

For more information about our Organic Fabrics and Fillers click here

Features & Materials

Outer Cover: Organic Twill

Inner Cover: Organic Muslin

Filler: Natural Buckwheat Sells and Organic Catnip


  • L11" x W3" x H2"


1. What is CatsEssentials?
CatsEssentials is a brand that offers modern cat furniture and luxury cat beds handcrafted in the USA from eco-friendly materials and organic fabrics.

2. What kind of products do you offer?
We offer a range of products including cat furniture, organic cat beds, cat pillows, and more. Our 2023 Spring Collection features unique items like the Cat Sleeping Bag - Cat Cave and Organic Flannel Cat Head Pillow.

3. Are your products eco-friendly?
Yes, all our products are made from eco-friendly materials and organic fabrics, ensuring safety for your cat and the environment.

4. What do customers say about your products?
Our customers love the quality and design of our products. Many have shared positive feedback about how our products have improved their cats' comfort and well-being.

5. Do you have any partnerships or collaborations?
Yes, we are a proud reforestation partner of ONETREEPLANTED and are committed to promoting animal welfare. We also support feline health research through partnerships with leading research institutes.

6. Where can I read more about cats and pet parenting?
You can check out our blog for articles on various topics related to cats, including cat-friendly hotels and the deepening bond between humans and their pets.

7. How can I contact CatsEssentials?
You can reach out to us at 1-833-LOVCATS or email us at

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