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Valdobbiadene - Prosecco Country

The Veneto Collection is named after a northeastern region of Italy that offers breathtaking views and is home to the majestic Venetian Villas, the spellbinding vineyards of the Prosecco country, the historic cities of Treviso and Verona, and the magnificent Dolomite Mountains.

The collection is inspired by the beauty of Veneto and by contemporary Italian furniture—minimalist in style, with clean lines, geometric details, and neutral shades. The pieces bear hints of accent colors, such as magenta and baby blue, that add a touch of fun. Their functional designs and all-natural materials make them ideal for cat lovers who also love mother earth.

Each piece of furniture in the collection carries the name of a city in the Veneto region and is a reflection of its sheer beauty, timelessness, and high quality of life.

The Veneto Collection brings to life the spirit of craftsmanship, pride, and subtle elegance embodied by the artisans from the region.