Meet The Team


Melissa Mezzalira 

Melissa Mezzalira CatsEssentials

"I simply Adore, Admire and Respect all felines and it is my heartfelt mission to provide them with comfort, love and safety.

I’ve had cats most of my life but when I adopted Maya and Baby everything changed! They immediately became my family away from home and their love has kept me grounded. They are my comforting best friends, my loving supporters, my protective guardian angels and my daily inspirations!

Born and raised in northern Italy in a family of skilled artisans, I’ve quickly absorbed an uncompromised commitment to product excellence. Growing up surrounded by the beauty of Prosecco country, the architecture of Venice and the history of Rome, I’ve developed a keen eye for beauty and style. After moving to the US and completing my Master of International Business I’ve decided to make a difference in our furry friends’ lives.

I’ve been amazed by the massive quantity of cat products available on the market, yet very few could match my high standards of quality and design. I started CatsEssentials because I truly believe that modern cats deserve the best, and I wanted to capture my full essence into each CatsEssentials piece.

I created CatsEssentials to offer our feline friends a better and healthier life, to delight cat parents with products that are stylish, functional and safe at the same time, all by protecting our precious environment.

I care for our planet as much as I care for our cats because I believe that every living being is interconnected. By bringing natural and organic materials and fabrics into our cats’ lives we reconnect them with their nature and we ensure they have a healthy and safe life. 

I hope that you and your beloved feline friends will find comfort, safety and love in these pieces." 


Quality Control Inspector


Maya possesses a keen eye for aesthetics and is known for her luxurious taste. According to legend, Maya’s ancestors are descended from royalty—that’s why we also call her Princess Maya.

Always the perfectionist, she can quickly spot flaws with her keen green eyes. She teaches us to continuously strive for better, and we are grateful for her critical eye and unconditional love.


Furniture Tester


Each product goes through Baby, so he can test each piece for comfort and performance. He’s playful and loves to live in the moment. Unlike our Princess Maya, Baby can be quite clumsy. He has a funny personality and likes to sit like humans.

He always reminds us to enjoy each minute of the day and shows us how to have fun. We are forever grateful for his sweet love.