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5 Interesting Facts about Tabby Cats

Tabby Cat

Of course we believe that all cats are beautiful! They all have their precious little ways, but there’s just something about tabbies that ensures them a special place in the hearts and homes of so many people. From their tiger-like markings to their distinctive personalities, a tabby cat soon becomes a best friend and part of the family. Here are our top 5 tabby cat facts…

  1. Tabby Cats are not actually a breed

It’s a popular misconception that the tabby cat is a particular breed. In fact, the word tabby simply refers to the unique markings that give tabbies their special look that can be reminiscent of their wild big cat relatives. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing your home with tabbies, you’ll know that their markings can be very different. From spots and whorls to stripes and speckles, and of course the classic M shape mark on their foreheads.

Tabby cats are divided into groups according to their markings. The most common tabby is the Classic tabby, with a combination of stripes and whorls. The stunning Mackerel tabby is predominantly striped, with solid or broken stripes running down their body and rings around their tail and legs.  The Spotted tabby, as the name suggests had spotted markings, and finally there’s the Agouti tabby. This type has hair strands that are made up of two different colors, giving a shimmery effect to their fur.

  1. Tabbies come in various colors

There are many different colors of tabby cat; brown, grey, ginger, even cream. With such an array of color and pattern variations, every tabby cat is perfectly unique. You’ll find tabbies with cute contrasting ‘socks’, crisp white bibs, and even funny little patches under their noses that make them look like they have a moustache. So adorable!

  1. Tabbies are especially loving and sociable

A tabby cat is a loyal and loving companion. They’ll love to spend time with you, curled up on your knee or playing with their toys. They just adore being by your side like a little shadow and will certainly appreciate a cosy cat bed placed next to your chair or on your desk so they can be with you as much as possible.

National Tabby Cat Day

  1. Tabby cats have big personalities and are great communicators

Tabby cats certainly have character! They can be naughty, they can be full of energy, they’re super loving and they’re great at letting you know what they want. Whether it’s a bowl of their favorite food or a cuddle, your tabby will be keen to keep you informed of their latest needs with a nudge of the head or by being extra vocal.

  1. There’s a special holiday just for tabby cats!

Yes, if you want to celebrate your tabby cats and remind them just how special they are, then you should mark April 30th, National Tabby Day on your calendar. It’s the perfect day to spoil your beloved tabby just that little bit extra! May we suggest a comfy organic bed or perhaps an organic catnip toy?


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