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Cat-Friendly Hotels: Embracing Feline Guests and Ending Discrimination Against Cats!

Are Pet-Friendly Hotels truly ‘Pet-Friendly' for ALL pets?

Cat laying on hotel bed

As cat parents, we cherish our feline companions and want to include them in our travel experiences. However, despite the notion of inclusivity, we often encounter discrimination against our beloved cats in pet-friendly hotels. While dogs are often welcomed with open arms, the same cannot always be said for our feline friends. In this blog post, we want to shed light on the issue of discrimination against cats in pet-friendly hotels and express why it's time for a change.

  1. Prevalence of Dog-Centric Policies:

It is no secret that many pet-friendly hotels tend to cater primarily to dogs, leaving us, cat parents, at a disadvantage, and making it incredibly difficult for us to find suitable accommodations. We believe that every pet, regardless of their species, should have an equal opportunity to enjoy travel experiences.

  1. Stereotypes and Misconceptions:

One possible reason for discrimination against cats is the existence of various stereotypes and misconceptions. Cats are sometimes unfairly associated with negative traits such as being destructive or causing allergies. These misconceptions can lead to biased policies that restrict or exclude cats from enjoying the same privileges as dogs in pet-friendly hotels.

We want people to understand that our cats are loving, well-behaved, and valued members of our families, deserving of the same acceptance and hospitality as dogs. 

Cat-friendly amenities

  1. Lack of Cat-Specific Amenities:

While many pet-friendly hotels provide amenities catering to dogs, such as dog parks and pet grooming services, the same level of consideration is often not extended to our cats.

We long for cat-friendly amenities such as scratching posts, climbing trees, cat beds, and safe play areas to ensure our cats feel at home during our travels. 

We encourage hotels to collaborate with pet brands to create innovative amenities and services for feline guests, making their stay more enjoyable. By partnering with reputable pet brands, hotels can tap into a wealth of expertise and resources to design spaces that cater to our cats' specific needs.

Cat Bed

  1. Educating Hotel Owners and Staff:

We believe that education is key to combatting discrimination against cats in pet-friendly hotels. By raising awareness among hotel owners and staff about the specific needs and characteristics of cats, we can create a more inclusive environment.

Understanding the positive aspects of hosting feline guests will enable hotel personnel to provide better services and embrace cat-friendly policies.

  1. Encouraging Policy Reforms:

We urge pet-friendly hotels to adopt more inclusive policies that encompass cats and to offer cat-friendly amenities comparable to those provided for dogs. Sharing success stories of hotels that have implemented such changes can inspire others to follow suit, creating a more inclusive environment for all pets.

  1. Promoting Cat-Friendly Certifications:

We advocate for the establishment of a certification program specifically for cat-friendly hotels. This program would define criteria for cat-friendly policies, amenities, and staff training. By promoting and recognizing these certifications, we can help cat parents identify accommodations that genuinely welcome cats, giving us confidence when making our travel arrangements. 

As cat parents ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to identify cat-friendly hotels on hotel websites, as the pet policy is often buried in fine print at the bottom of the page, making it unclear or lacking specificity. We encourage hotels to establish transparent and straightforward pet policies, making it easier for travelers to understand the rules and regulations. With a standardized certification, we can easily identify establishments that warmly welcome cats, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both us and our feline companions.


As cat parents, we are passionate about ensuring that our feline companions receive fair treatment in pet-friendly hotels. Discrimination against cats is an issue that deserves attention and resolution. By addressing stereotypes, promoting education, and advocating for policy reforms, we can work towards creating a more inclusive environment for all pets. Ultimately, the hospitality industry must recognize that cats are just as cherished and beloved as dogs, deserving of equal treatment in pet-friendly accommodations.

In conclusion, a pet-friendly hotel should truly be 'pet-friendly' for all pets, genuinely embracing them regardless of their species. Let's strive for a future where discrimination against cats is eradicated, allowing us to embark on unforgettable journeys with our feline friends by our side.

Do you travel with your cat? We'd love to hear from you! Share your stories, challenges, and triumphs in the comments below.

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