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True story: The Modern Cat Lady crushing stereotypes

Modern cat lady

Have you ever wondered how the "crazy cat lady" stereotype happened? Do you think it's because people really love to put a label on everything, or maybe it's from the Simpsons family and their "crazy cat lady" character?
The truth is that the negative connotation these words had for a very long time matters no more. Why? Because the modern cat lady crushed all stereotypes. 

The crazy cat lady VS the Modern Cat Lady  

For a long time, we had this misconception about cat enthusiasts, particularly women who love cats. Many people still have a picture of the cat lady being a single woman growing old surrounded by dozens of cats, incapable of developing healthy human relationships. The idea suggesting that cat people’s homes are filled with litter boxes and covered in fur without them caring about it was supported in many ways for many years. The "crazy cat lady" stereotype harmed both cats and women and let’s call it as it is: a misogynistic term for judging and insulting women who don’t fit into a traditional role. 

Debunking "the crazy cat lady" cliche: 

"The crazy cat lady" from The Simpsons

1. “The crazy cat lady is an old, single woman that is weird, anti-social and disheveled ”. The modern cat lady is a  woman - regardless of her age, relationship status, or social attitude who is unapologetically devoted to her cat or cats. The modern cat lady is compassionate, independent, and amazingly fascinating just as the cat/s that she loves. She is also intellectually curious, non-conformist, stylish, and has a keen eye for design.

2. "Having more than one cat makes you a crazy cat lady". Whether you are the type of person who answers with "Never enough" at the question: "How many cats do you have?" or you simply have one cat, there is no difference. In both cases, you are a person who is devoted to cats. And who can blame you? They're absolutely adorable!

3. "Assuming that the cat ladies don't love dogs”. That's so wrong. Having one or more cats doesn't mean that you don't love dogs as much as you love cats. It simply means that you have decided to live your best life with your cat/s. Because the truth is that what cat ladies have in common is that they love cats and treat them like family. This makes them loving human beings who respect Mother Nature and all the beautiful species given to us.

4. “Cats are a women thing” The truth is that plenty of men out there love cats and treat them like family. Should we call them the crazy cat gents? Probably not because there's nothing crazy about it. We have all the respect and appreciation for men who show devotion and love to our feline friends.

The Modern Cat Lady 

Luckily, with the help of people like BriAnne Wills, the author of "Girls and Their Cats" (Cat Photography Book, Inspirational Book for Women Cat Lovers), and brands such as Vogue, the term changed into something modern and even aesthetic. Check this article from Vogue: "Cat Lady Cool: The Feline Trend Is Here to Stay."

There are many other examples, and we are grateful for everyone who made a difference by crushing stereotypes. Now, let's surf that wave and take "the cat lady" term to a whole new level.

We believe that the term "cat lady" should shift into "The Modern Cat Lady (and Gent.)" Wondering why? Because it represents both women and men who share their appreciation for cats and want the best for their beloved feline family members. It is about time to reclaim our love for cats without being misunderstood. Their pure cuteness and devotion can inspire people and make them feel strong and grounded. This is how CatsEssentials eventually appeared also. 

The real story of a Modern Cat Lady

Modern cat lady

"I simply Adore, Admire and Respect all felines. It is my heartfelt mission to provide them with comfort, love, and safety.  

I've had cats most of my life, but everything changed when I adopted Maya and Baby! They immediately became my family away from home, and their love has kept me grounded. They are my comforting best friends, my loving supporters, my protective guardian angels, and my daily inspirations!

Born and raised in northern Italy in a family of skilled artisans, I've quickly absorbed an uncompromised commitment to product excellence. Growing up surrounded by the beauty of Prosecco country, the architecture of Venice, and the history of Rome, I've developed a keen eye for beauty and style. After moving to the US and completing my Master of International Business, I've decided to make a difference in our furry friends' lives.

I've been amazed by the massive quantity of cat products available on the market. Yet, very few could match my high standards of quality and design. I started CatsEssentials because I genuinely believe that modern cats deserve the best. I wanted to capture my entire essence into each CatsEssentials piece. 

I created CatsEssentials to offer our feline friends a better and healthier life and delight cat parents with stylish, functional, and safe products. All these while protecting our precious environment. 

I care for our planet as much as I care for our cats because I believe that every living being is interconnected. By bringing natural and organic materials and fabrics into our cats' lives, we reconnect them with their nature and ensure they have a healthy and safe life. 

I hope that you and your beloved feline friends will find comfort, safety, and love in these pieces."

Melissa Mezzalira, Founder of CatsEssentials

Conclusion - Embracing the new Modern Cat Lady Definition

With the help of many people and brands inspired by these beautiful creatures, you can now proudly call yourself a modern cat lady (or gent). The old “crazy cat lady" stereotype has turned into a new and beautiful concept that has consideration for all the cat parents around the world, regardless of gender, age and lifestyle.

We are more than lucky to have people who treat their beloved cats or dogs like family and who provide them with comfort, safety, and a healthy lifestyle. If you are among those who care about the quality and aesthetic of their home as much as you care about your kittens' health, we'd like to invite you to learn more about the Veneto Collection.

Also, we’d like to welcome you to our new board on Pinterest, called The Modern Cat Lady. Our plan is to fill it with inspiring stories and beautiful pictures of proud cat parents with their babies.

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