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Five ways to become a proud parent of a happy cat

Wouldn't you be proud knowing that you are the mommy or daddy of a happy cat?

Happy Cat

As cat parents, who care about their baby, we constantly try to learn more about what makes them happy. That's why we believe that this is important.

We already know that our beautiful felines are mysterious creatures who show emotions in unique ways. They seem to never complain about anything, but neither show too much love. Unlike dogs, who have simple ways of showing their excitement, cats are sophisticated creatures who look pretty severe and untouchable most of the time. So how do we ensure that we have a happy cat?

They don't need to raise a flag to show that they are happy, but there are several ways to ensure their happiness and that they wouldn't change you with any other human on this planet.

Five tips to keep your cat happy and healthy

1. Inform, inform, inform! 

Inform yourself about their behavior! Even though they are mysterious creatures who left many unanswered questions, the Internet is full of explanations from expert studies. If you learn more about what triggers them positively and what doesn't, you are already one giant step ahead. Apart from finding explanations for their behavior, you also learn how to react to it to strengthen the relationship you have with your kitten.

2. Let her practice her instincts.

If you see your cat looking at something intensely, she's probably ready to pounce on her next prey. Cats like to examine their victims to ensure that if they make an effort to spring, it will be for a good reason. Don't ever stay in her way at that time. 

Also, if she ever manages to bring you a mouse or bird, you should know that it's a "gift" to you. As much as we hate it, we need to learn how to be grateful for that "wonderful surprise."

One of the latest studies shows that cats kill annually billion of birds and mammals. It doesn't mean that they are villains, of course. For thousands of years, they are beloved pets who are simply following their instinct.

Domesticated cats kill so many birds and small mammals because those animals are the natural prey of their ancestor, called the wildcat (Felis silvestris), a small wild cat species found in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

You can read more about them here. If you have an indoor cat, who can't go out into the yard and explore the trees, make sure you get a substitute that allows your cat to exercise its urge to climb. There are plenty of options that come in all shapes and sizes to fit your space and décor. Wild cats are natural climbers, pursuing prey into the trees and seeking high places when frightened. There's no need to remind you that we are talking about our baby cat's ancestors.

3. Giving attention in the ways she needs it. 

Cats require attention differently than us humans. What she appreciates most are short interactions of high intensity. What does that mean? It means that, instead of holding her for 5 hours on your lap and pampering her from time to time while working on your laptop, she prefers 10 minutes where she gets all your attention.

Also, don't forget to let your baby drop some pheromones on your skin before leaving home. It ensures that you are her human and no one else's, leading to a happy cat.

Here is a related topic for you to read later. Why Do Cats Love Biting?

4. Find her a companion. 

It's easier said than done, but few of us have enough time to spend with our beloved kittens. While you are gone, having a furry companion to run and play with can keep a cat happy and stimulated. There are so many cats at your local shelter waiting for someone to give them a place "to call home." Just think about it.

5. A playful cat is a happy cat.

Happy Cat

Last but not least, cats are natural athletes that need to work out that excess of energy. The great news is there's no shortage of cat toys in all shapes and forms that will keep your cat active. As this is an essential ingredient to our cat's happiness, we have also created eco-friendly options. Why eco-friendly? Because we care about our kitten's health and there are many beautiful places around the world that we should all work hard to protect. If you want some inspiration or more information about our products, check this page.

Conclusions and a small reward:

We don't need a lot to have a happy cat. All we need is to learn what is best for her and try to offer that as much as possible. The fact that you have read this entire article shows us how important is your feline happiness to you. We have a huge appreciation for people who treat their beloved cats like family and for those who protect Mother Nature. For this exact reason, we would like to offer you a 10% discount, if you decide to buy any item for your fur baby.
Use code HAPPYCAT10 at checkout, or click on the link below. Coupon expires on 09/19/21. One use per customer.

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