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Why do cats love biting, especially after you shower?

There's no secret that our cats really love biting. And we love them so much that most of the time, we ignore the pretty teeth or claw marks left on our skin. But let's talk about the elephant in the room, shall we?

Cats Biting

Sometimes it may become disturbing. Of course, it will never prevent us from showing them affection, but knowing the reasons behind their behavior might help us in many ways. One important thing is that it helps to strengthen our relationship with them. 

So let's picture this for a second. You just got out of the shower and felt perfect. With that flower power mood, you are going to dress up and surprise! Your kitty is right behind you and wants all your attention. With a lot of excitement, she starts kissing and even biting you. Have you ever wondered why they would do that?

Actually, there are several reasons why our cats love biting, especially after you come out from the shower. Now, let's explore them together.

Reasonable reasons for our cats' biting problem

1. Clearly marking their territory.
What they want to say is: "You are mine, and mine only! Why do you smell all like coconut oil?" Here's the thing. After you took a shower, you removed all the delicate odors your cat had left on you earlier when she kissed your hand or you pampered her. This is something inadmissible from their point of view. Everyone needs to know that you are her family and human, so you need to smell accordingly. You can't just go out without making sure that other felines realize you have your baby home. So, if you are still wondering why cats love biting? The answer is simple. Cats treat their humans like their family members because they see us as more giant and hairless felines. If you didn't know what our cats think about humans, you could check this article later on.

2. Offering help even if you didn't ask for it
This means showing some love for them. We sure saw our cats biting themselves slowly while they had their "cleaning time." This is a way of expressing their affection, and they do that also with other cats. Even if you don't have fur, they can sense that you are also treating yourself, so they want to help you out. Therefore, lay down for a few minutes and let your kitty do her thing. You'll be ready to go out in no time.

3. Maybe just a little bit of anxiety.
Even if a few rare examples love "bath time," most of the kittens don't like water at all. Why would they even need it if they have that perfect tongue that they use to keep themselves pretty and shiny all the time? Anyway, for those who are not really happy or even scared about water, when you come out of the shower, and you are not entirely dry, it's awful. To those, the water can be a stimulant strong enough that they instinctively try biting you.

If cats biting and scratching is a problem during "bath time," check the article below. It may help you with SCRATCHLESS BATHS from now on. 

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4. Overstimulation
Apart from showing love and affection, there can also be other reasons for our cats' biting habits. Cats tend to bite also when they are overstimulated. Sometimes, after very active plays or vice versa, they'll try to "pinch" a little bit when something bothers them. It is a defense mechanism. 

Cats biting

OK, but what happens when it starts to bother me?

Loving them like our own babies also implies a specific education. As much as we hate to say no to our loved ones, sometimes we have to. While you learn about them, you should also teach them things about you.

If you just got out of the shower and your kitten follows you around the house, try not to let him enter the bathroom or the room you are preparing. It is essential to learn that some places and times are just for you.

When you play with your kitten, the position of his ears changes. If he starts to curl his tail restlessly or show you the kennels, stop and leave him some space. He won't attack you again. When we suddenly stop playing, we send them a strong signal that something is wrong. Gradually, they will learn that the bites are equal to "stop playing!".

Homework and conclusions

Next time you ask yourself, "Why do cats love biting so much? ", The answer can be any of the above scenarios. Sometimes it's love and affection, but other times reactions to negative stimuli. Our homework is to find out when it's an adverse reaction and when it is the opposite. If it bothers you, try to remove any negative stimuli for your kitty. And be consistent. They are our furry babies. As we raise them, so we have them.

Quick note - we are glad you read the whole article. This shows us that you want to secure a happy and healthy life for your kittens by learning about them. If you want more tips or simply to have fun, we are waiting for you to say hi on our social platforms. We are present on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. And the best part is that they are all about our baby cats. See you there.

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