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CatsEssentials Offers Innovative Sleeping Solutions to Improve The Health & Wellness Of Feline Friends



Cesto Cat Bed Basket


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., April 12, 2023CatsEssentials, provider of eco-friendly modern cat furniture and organic bedding to bring premium sleep experiences for healthier cats, is expanding its offering of proper sleeping environments and experiences for felines. By focusing on both the health benefits of natural and eco-friendly materials as well as an appreciation for an elevated decor aesthetic, the company looks to improve the lifestyles of cats - and their parents - all over the world.

When considering the amount of time cats spend sleeping, any toxins in the fabric of their beds may be a potential hazard to their health. Synthetic fabrics use dyes and chemicals that can cause health issues, including respiratory diseases, allergic reactions, and sensitivities. Unfortunately, it is these exact fabrics that are normally used to manufacture and construct cat beds due to their lower costs and wider availability.

CatsEssentials is focused on the health and safety of beloved felines everywhere as well as environmental protection. The company is committed to creating innovative, nontoxic sleeping experiences for cats. By prioritizing quality of materials and craftsmanship, CatsEssentials offers beautifully stylish products that support a cats’ health while also meeting cat parents’ style and protecting the planet.

The Florida company uses only natural and organic fabrics and fillers that contain no pesticides or toxic chemicals. The eco-friendly and sustainable materials are breathable and hypoallergenic while also being durable and comfortable for felines. The result is overall improved health and sleep quality, while the bedding works to prevent exposure to potentially harmful toxins.

“We often don’t think about the amount of toxins and harmful substances that are present in our homes - furniture, beds, and dusty floors. Our cats are more sensitive than us and absorb those toxins in their bodies by breathing it, sleeping on it, and licking it from their fur,” said Melissa Mezzalira, Founder of CatsEssentials. "Also, recent studies have linked hyperthyroidism in cats to the flame retardants used in our furniture. Cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day if their spot of choice is a bed or sofa that has been treated with flame retardants…The best way to keep your cat safe is to give them a delightfully comfy bed that you know is free from any substances that could be damaging to them. At CatsEssentials we are dedicated to creating pet beds that not only look gorgeous and are wonderfully cozy but are also totally safe for your cats.”

Mezzalira, born in northern Italy and raised in a family of artisans and entrepreneurs, holds a Building Designer diploma as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. A Master of International Business followed after moving to the U.S.. By founding CatsEssentials, she is merging her elevated standard beauty and style with a commitment to product excellence and dedication to social responsibility to her customers and the environment. Mezzalira has decided to make a meaningful difference in the lives of cherished feline companions and CatsEssentials is reinventing the way in which the world provides quality, comfortable, and luxurious experiences for cats.

CatsEssentials releases two new collections every year in the spring and fall. The new products are also created based on customer survey results to deliver precisely what cat parents and their pets need.

“Spring and summer are usually the time of the year when people travel the most, and since more cat parents are now traveling with their felines, we wanted to offer a couple of solutions for them to be able to provide comfort for their cats not only at home but while on the road,” said Mezzalira. “But we do that by ensuring that all materials used in making pet beds are natural and non-toxic. This requires a high level of commitment, a lot of research, and dedication. Though the costs of the materials may be higher, the reward of peace of mind for the safety of the bedding for all our pets is truly invaluable.”

The 2023 Spring Collection introduces a new bright and elegant turquoise color, inspired by the beautiful turquoise waters of the Italian island of Sardegna, to the company’s current color palette. The collection includes a reversible organic cat pad and a portable cat sleeping bag that are both perfect for travel, an elegant and cozier version of a cat bed basket that offers cats a sense of security thanks to its tall contouring sides, and an orthopedic bolster pillow to offer kitties neck and upper spine support.

CatsEssentials will unveil the 2023 Spring Collection at Pet Health Expo in Los Angeles April 14-16, 2023, where Mezzalira will also be a featured speaker. 

For more information and media coverage, please visit,  email or call 1-833-LOVCATS.