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FOR THE LOVE OF CATS - CatsEssentials’ CEO Melissa Mezzalira Debuts Book Chronicling Journey as Luxury Organic “Catpreneur” and Devoted Cat Parent

Conversational publication will be unveiled during CatCon 2022 on October 1, 2022

For The Love of Cats Melissa Mezzalira

WEST PALM BEACH, FL [September 28, 2022] Melissa Mezzalira, CEO of CatsEssentials, is pleased to announce the release of her debut publication, For the Love of Cats: A Modern Cat Lady’s Journey Into Cat Parenthood and Entrepreneurship, which is now available for sale on Amazon. On the brink of making her first appearance as a featured presenter during CatCon 2022 in Pasadena, California, the founder of the South Florida-based modern organic cat furniture and bedding company chronicles her journey from northern Italy as the daughter of artisanal shoemakers to the creative director of her Italian-inspired luxury designs. 

“I honestly think cat-loving is just a trait that some of us have inside of us; some lucky tweak of our DNA that gives us a true appreciation for the feline species,” said Mezzalira. “We have this thrill every time we hear a cat meow. Each time we see a cat, our fingers itch to sweep a line from her soft head down to her twitching tail. The purring fills our hearts with pure joy.”

Along with a heart-warming tale illustrating her personal background and affinity for felines in general, Mezzalira delves into the reasoning behind cat parents’ inherent respect for cats as independent sentient beings. She also reframes the age-old connotation of the “Crazy Cat Lady” archetype with a Modern Cat Lady perspective, which is characterized by an unapologetic, independent spirit to love and adore cat children with curiosity, intelligence, and style to match.  

‘“This book leads cat parents on a quest to understand why we love our felines so much. What is it about the essence of these magnificent creatures that captivates us to the point that we become irrational and will do anything for them? I will also discuss the emerging Modern Cat Lady movement and the social shift from “cat owner” to “cat parent.” But, most importantly, I will share my story with you and describe what I’ve learned through my journey, from Italy to the USA, about caring for our furry babies in the best possible way. My love for cats is so deep that I even chose to start a business, CatsEssentials, that caters to both cats and their parents,”’ said Mezzalira. 

The CatsEssentials team will be selling hard copies of this book at the Pasadena Convention Center– Booth #515– during CatCon 2022, which will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2022 and Sunday, October 2, 2022, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (PT). CatCon participants who stop by the booth can get their limited-edition autographed copy of the new book and meet the author. Attendees will also be able to purchase the brand’s signature items such as plush cat beds, designer mattresses, specialty toys, and elevated furnishings from the company’s Veneto Collection. To learn more about CatsEssentials and Mezzalira’s new book, visit the company website

About CatsEssentials:

Founded by social entrepreneur and modern cat furniture designer Melissa Mezzalira, CatsEssentials is reinventing the way in which the world provides quality, comfortable, and luxurious experiences for our beloved feline companions. A “Catpreneur” inspired by a tenacious drive to change the world, her contemporary Italian design roots and appreciation for an elevated decor aesthetic are reflective in her furnishings, comprising eco-friendly materials and organic bedding. Her sophisticated cat furniture line presents small-scale replicas of high-end product models commonly enjoyed by conscious cat parents, which are accessorized and customizable to their needs, preferences, and design choices.

CatsEssentials’ identity is defined by treating cats like integral members of the family, or as children. As our Founder shares, “Our love for our cats– and for the environment at large– inspired us to cultivate a community of cat parents who create healthy lifestyles for our companions each day, without compromising the affinity for luxury or style. The company is governed by the philosophy of all living things being interconnected, and respecting the world in which we live while encouraging others to do the same.” For more information, visit CatsEssentials here