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Fluffy Cat Bed Pillow Round

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Your kitty will feel like they're sleeping on a cloud!

Our popular organic twill pillows are now available with a muslin inner cover and filled with super fluffy natural kapok. The plushiest filler that's available in nature. 

We know that all cats have their own unique requirements, so we’ve added another option to our popular cat bed pillow. You can now choose between the orthopedic organic latex mattress option and this new, luxurious, softer version.

These bed pillows will make your kitty’s dreams last longer with a soft irresistible filler.
Your cat will love the soft embrace this cat pillow provides. 

The generous size of this cat pillow makes it suitable even for medium to large cats. Its round shape gently contours the cat's body in its favorite “curled-up” position.

Zipper-removable machine washable twill covers make them easy to keep looking and smelling fresh and clean. Available in neutral and accent colors, you can now easily match your cat bed pillows with your existing home décor or mood!

Organic Cotton is healthier for our pets, better for the environment, and provides better and long-lasting quality.


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Discover the perfect pillow for your cat. Available in a variety of colors and in round or rectangular shapes.