Everything you need to know about our baby cats sleep

Have you ever wondered why our baby cats sleep so much? Based on expert Abigail Tucker, the author of "The Lion in the Living Room," there are several scientifically proven reasons why our furry family loves to sleep all day long.

Baby Cats Sleep

If you have a cat, it's impossible not to miss them during the daytime. Why? Because your beloved feline is busy and found her fantastic place to curl and take a good nap. We don't know if you ever counted how many naps your kitty takes every single day, but what we know for sure is that our furry babies can sleep between 13 and 16 hours a day.

Soā€¦ why do cats sleep so much?

According to our expert, the sleeping time differs depending on age and personality. Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with your fur baby. If you read along, you'll understand that their long naps make sense. Apart from that, two other species rank higher on the sleeping time: bats and opossums sleep more, up to 20 hours a day.

Feline behaviorĀ 

Abigail Tucker explains that everything has to do with their predator instinct. Even if your feline friend stays only indoors, you'll still see primal instincts from time to time. Cats in the wild spend an excessive amount of energy hunting and must rest after a chase. So, one of the primary reasons that explains why cats sleep so much is due to instinctual feline behavior. "For example, herbivores graze for hours until they fill their stomachs with enough food. In the case of cats, hunting gives them a short time to attack and devour their victim. This behavior has also been transmitted to domestic cats, so they can spend most of the day sleeping, such as lions."

Their species is classified as crepuscular

Another characteristic of felines is that they are crepuscular animals, meaning they become more active at dawn and dusk. During day time, they like to rest. On the other hand, many cats, especially those who live in apartments, are sleeping because they are bored. Cats who live in houses and have access to the yard can be more active because they can find things to stimulate them, such as birds, mice, and other movements.

Cooldown mode

As our feline friends have adapted to exist in hot climates, they figured out how to keep themselves cool in specific locations. Cats sleep to conserve energy, so your cat may sleep to help regulate body temperature.

Pure pleasureĀ 

Just like people, cats can take a nap for their own pleasure. Your fur baby does seem to love a good rest, doesn't he?

During cold, rainy days, your furry baby may sleep even more prolonged and deeper. Rapid brain movement occurs in 5-minute increments and is bookended by lighter dozing patterns.

Cats sleep phases

While humans have 4 sleep stages, studies show that our furry family has only 2. One of them is REM (Rapid eye movement), which is characterized by the rapid movement of the eyes. During this phase, our babies are also dreaming.

The other phase is non-REM or deep sleep. During this phase, our cat's body recovers. Bones are growing, and their muscles are developing, while their immune system also strengthens. 60 % of a cat's sleep is REM, 3 times more than at humans.

Where should our cats sleep?Ā 

According to Abigail Tucker, when our furry babies need to sleep, they should have their own shelter. Your precious kitty loves to have its own special place, where that is a cage, a box, or even a bed. Apart from your bed or sofa, having their special place makes him feel more special and relaxed.

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