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Material Choices For Cat Parents

Material Choices For Cat Parents

As cat lovers, we want only the best for our feline friends. Let your cat recline luxuriously like Cleopatra on a variety of top class cushions and beds. 
Here are some of the excellent materials that we use to create our organic cat beds.


Fleece is a soft, luxurious material that goes into a lot of our organic bed designs.
Organic fleece can provide the quality you want for your cat – whether you have a Siamese, a calico, tabby or a hairless, or any other feline breed, they’ll like these downy beds.


Denim material is stylish and comfortable, and you can get beds or cat cushions made from this fabric as well. Denim is very durable and scratch resistant, add one of these cat beds to your interior surroundings, for your cat’s comfort and convenience. 


Want a relaxing comfortable cat bed made from high-quality organic cotton? We've got you covered. Take a look at all the accessories and options that we offer in our e-commerce store, to get a bed your cat will be proud to sleep or rest on, any hour of the day or night – and then rise up and pad to you. 


Why use organic latex for a cat bed?

Well, one reason is because the latex mattress is becoming popular in the human world, too. People are replacing their old spring or coil mattresses with new latex foam mattress models. They’re getting more support and better comfort at night, and you can give your cat this sort of luxury with our latex beds and cushion products. Latex is a material that is versatile, and can be covered with nice soft materials for an excellent, well-engineered result.

Coco Coir

Many of us are most familiar with this material as a way to grow hydroponic plants.
But coco coir can also be put into your cat’s innovative pet bed. We also have some models stuffed with buckwheat shells and other organic materials. Take a look at the product information here to figure out what’s best for your cat or cats.
Check out the website for more on all of these sorts of pet comfort. We are dedicated to making sure your cat is a happy cat! You can also read more about our organic materials and products here, where we go over some of the news of the day about the standards of choosy cat lovers everywhere.


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