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The Best Cat Bed for Your Pet’s Health

The Best Cat Bed

Of course, we only want the best for our furry friends! Most cats are quite deservedly spoiled and these days there are plenty of ways in which we can pamper them. From gourmet food to high-tech toys and self-cleaning litter boxes, we can buy the best for the smallest, furriest, members of our family.

Have you carefully chosen a high-quality diet for your cat?

Perhaps the biggest trend these days is the change to healthier food for our pets. In the past, choices were limited. Any focus on healthy eating with a holistic approach, with natural ingredients and thought to the impact of diet on health, was pretty much focused on people, and certainly not on pets. Thankfully this is now changing, as more people become aware of the benefits of a high-quality diet for their cats, to ensure they’re happy, healthy, and live a long life.

Have you given any thought to the health impact of your pet’s bedding?

“Healthy sleep is as important as healthy nutrition.”
We can choose the perfect diet for our pets, free from fillers and artificial ingredients, but do you take the same precautions when you’re choosing their bedding? Probably not!

It’s perhaps something you have never given any thought to, but when you consider the amount of time our cats spend sleeping, any toxins in the fabric of their beds are going to be potentially dangerous to their health.

Synthetic fabrics use dyes and chemicals that can cause many health issues, including respiratory diseases, allergic reactions, and sensitivities. Sadly, it is these fabrics that usually make their way into cat beds due to their lower cost.

However, simply paying more for your cat bed is not necessarily the solution. Higher quality materials may ensure your cat’s bed is long-lasting, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the safest option. Our pets are highly sensitive to chemicals and hazardous odors, so only by choosing organic bedding can you be sure you’re doing all you can to help them stay healthy.

Our mission arises from our love of pets, and the world we live in

“By bringing natural and organic materials and fabrics into our cats’ lives we reconnect them with their nature and we ensure they have a healthy and safe life”

Ensuring all materials used in making pet beds are natural and non-toxic requires a high level of commitment, a lot of research, and dedication. The costs of the materials are higher, but the reward of peace of mind for the safety of the bedding for all pets is truly invaluable.

At CatsEssentials we focus not just on making top quality products that will last a long time, that look amazing, and that cats love, we also place a huge emphasis on ensuring all our products are in no way harmful to your beloved kitty. We care about your furry friend and we care about the environment and so we never cut corners when it comes to sourcing our materials. We only use certified organic fabrics and fillers for all of our cat beds, bedding, and cat toys. We take that extra step to bring you better, safer options. Check out our latest range of beds all made of natural and organic materials.

Will you take the step to a healthier home for yourself and your pets?

By making informed decisions when you purchase your pet bedding, you’re investing in your pet’s health. Please consider using natural materials, preferably organic, around your feline. Organic fabrics and fillers are not only a safer option for your pet and your family, but they are also of a higher quality and they last longer. When you make a purchase from CatsEssentials, you have our promise that all materials used are certified organic and perfectly safe for all your kitty’s snoozes.

If you’re interested in learning more about organic fabrics, check out our article here.

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